Fillings are extremely common, in fact most people will need at least one filling in their life. These procedures are used to treat cavities, and broken, or cracked teeth.

How Do Dental Fillings Work?

A dental filling procedure will start with the area around the tooth being numbed with anesthetic. Once the area can no longer feel pain, the decayed areas of the tooth will be removed by the dentist. The area will be probed until all the decay has been successfully removed. The space is prepared for filling by cleaning any remaining debris from the area.

How Are Cracked Teeth Fixed?

A cracked tooth can be painful, and it also can lead to pain. However, it can be difficult to identify which tooth is in pain. Cracks are often discovered during regularly scheduled dental examinations or during the x-ray phase of dental office visits. The cracks can be invisible to the naked eye. When cracks grow, the enamel can pinch the pulp causing the sharp waves of pain. If the pulp grows irritated, a root canal can be necessary to save the tooth.

What Are the Best Fixes for a Cracked Tooth?

Your dentist may recommend treatment based on many factors, such as the size location and direction of the crack. The symptoms of your cracked tooth may also determine how it is addressed.

The most typical treatments are:

  • Repairing the tooth with filling material
  • Placing a crown (or cap) on the tooth to protect against damage
  • Root canal can be necessary if the pulp is affected by the crack
  • Extracting the tooth if it is severely cracked

Regular dental checkups are important because your dentist will be able to diagnose any issues and provide treatment or advice. Cracked teeth often become much larger problems if they go untreated. If you have a cracked tooth, contact us and schedule an appointment today

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