Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures come in many different styles finding a solution that meets your budget and needs will make you smile. Swim’s wants our patients to know what to expect and how to care for their partial dentures. To find out if partial dentures are the solution that is right for you contact our office and schedule an appointment.

Benefits of Removable Partial Dentures

  • It can be easier to eat and chew food.
  • If missing teeth has changed how you talk, partial dentures can help correct that.
  • Reduction of facial sagging leads to a more youthful appearance.

How Do Partial Dentures Work?

Removable partial dentures use a metal or plastic base matched to the color of your gums. The replacement teeth are attached to this base, which has a clasp to attach to natural teeth. The dentures can be removed for cleaning or storing during sleep. Some dentists recommend crowns (or caps) on your natural teeth depending on how your dentures fit your mouth.

Partial Denture FAQ

Why do my dentures feel tight?
  • For the first few weeks, dentures can feel odd or tight. Over time this sensation should go away as you become used to the device. However, dentures should never be forced or bitten into place, this can damage the clasps or your teeth.
Should I wear my partial dentures all the time?
  • No, often it is recommended to remove partial dentures before going to sleep and back in upon waking. Be sure to attend any follow-up appointments to identify pressure points or sore spots caused by the dentures, they may need to be adjusted to fit more comfortably.
What can I eat with my dentures?
  • Eating will become easier with your missing teeth replaced but can take some practice before it is comfortable. Begin eating softer foods cut into small pieces and chew on both sides of the mouth to keep an even pressure. Avoid sticky and hard foods, such as chewing gum or hard candies.

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